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Hotel in Campo Ligure

Campo Ligure

Territory of Campo Ligure:

Campo Ligure, recumbent on the banks of the Stura stream , borders on the west with the Regional Nature Park of Beigua and on the east with the Nature Park of Capanne di Marcarolo.

The territory includes the chief town and the 6000m2 Pratorondanino Botanic Gardens with over 400 species of flora from all over the world.

Culture and Craftsmanship in Campo Ligure:

Typical Craftsmanship and Art:

The renowned filagree craftsmanship of Campo Ligure goes back to 1884 when the first craftsman opened his workshop setting example for other craftsmen. Now there are 33 workshops all using the same art, traditional tools and technique for this fine workmanship.

The Filagree Museum is well worth the visit, for further information and opening times visit the following site:

The "Giardino di Tugnin" opened in Campo Ligure in 2011, is on the slopes of the castle that dominates the town


The result of a long job by a group of friends and its designer ,the sculptor Gianfranco Timossi, the garden is to every effect an open-air museum for his masterpieces.

Other places of interest are: the historic Spinola castle, here the famous story of Pinocchio is told through mechanical figures, then there is the medieval bridge, the ex-convent and Spinola palace.

There are also two churches, two oratories and two chapels.

Sports in Campo Ligure:

On the official site of the municipality of Campo Ligure you can find not only more detailed historic and religious information but also information on different sports and activities to do, for example; football, boules, skating, gym:

Escursions in Campo Ligure:

For information on walking excursions and suggested itineraries visit the following site:

Being part of the Valle Stura, here are some more suggestions for sport and activities:

Events in Campo Ligure:

  • Feast of the patron saint Maria Maddalena, the Sunday after the 22 July
  • Antiques Market, once a month on a Sunday in June
  • Filagree exhibition, between the end of August and the beginning of September.
  • "Campo festival" is an important cultural and musical event which takes place in the castle during the month of August.
  • Mechanized Nativity Scene during the Christmas period.
  • Country feast in the chapel of Mater Salvatoris, at the end of August.

For more detailed information visit the following site:

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