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Hotel in Montoggio


Territory of Montoggio:

The number of districts and hamlets which make up the territory of Montoggio is impressive, there are as many as fifty , measuring a total of 47,73 km2:

Acquafredda Inferiore, Acquafredda Superiore, Alboreta, Barche, Bargagliotti, Bromia, Cà, Cagliardo, Carsegli, Caiasca, Campelo, Campovecchio, Carpi, Casà, Casalino, Cascinette, Case Vecchie, Castiglione, Chiappa, Cognole, Colletta, Corneto, Costa Inferiore, Costa Superiore, Cravasco, Creto, Dego, Fasciou, Fontanasse, Fregaiasse, Gazzolo, Gorretta, Granara, Montemoro, Montoggio, Morasco, Noci, Poggio, Ponti, Prato grande, Prato lungo, Rione, Rivé, Sanguineto Inferiore, Sanguineto Superiore, Sella, Serrou, Terme, Trefontane, Valle calde, Veixe.

This territory is in upper Scrivia Valley, north east of Genova, dominated by Mount Bano(1.035 a.s.l)

Sports in Montoggio:

Near Montoggio there are numerous sports centres like; football grounds, swimming pools and stables.

Events in Montoggio:

  • The feastday of the patron saint San Giovanni Decollato, 24 June in the chief town
  • The feastday of San Lorenzo, in Bromia.
  • The feastday of the patron saint San Rocco, 16 August, in Carsegli.
  • The feastday of the patron Nostra Signora delle Tre Fontane, 8 September, at the Mariano shrine .

Excursions in Montoggio:

In Montoggio there are various types of excursions to choose from, by mountain bike, on foot or on horseback. Visit the following site for more information:

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