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Territory of Bogliasco:

Bogliasco probably comes from the latin word "bogli", which means "boiling", because of the white water of the Rio dei Bogli stream where the town rises.

It is the first town you come to going from Genova towards the east . Behind it is Monte Cordona (803mt) with its ancient pathway which leads to Sessàrego. Bogliasco, together with Camogli, Recco, Pieve Ligure e Sori is part of the area of the Gulf of Paradiso. Here you can go surfing. Visit the following site for more information: 19675503.

The hinterland is typical of eastern Liguria, partly terraced with olive groves, with the possibilty of excursions. For further information check out the following link:

There are numerous sports activities to do like tennis, football, waterpolo and more. For further information visit the following link on the official Bogliasco site:

Artistic and Cultural Events in Bogliasco:

The territory offers a variety of plays and shows, some in memory of the holocaust victims.For further information visit the following site:

Events in Bogliasco:

The third Sunday of each month there is the traditional antiques market in Piazza XXVI Aprile.

The Sunday after the feastday of San Giuseppe(19 March) there is the Friscoladda where you can taste the "bugie" ,special little fritters eaten at carnival time , and the Krafen(doughnuts). In Poggio and San Bernardo there is the Sagra delle Basanne (broad beans), in May.

Among the most popular and religious festivities is the Madonna del Carmine, the 16 July, with a procession and later in the evening a firework display.

History of Bogliasco:

Recent archeological excavations have brought to light some chipped stones shaped like utensils dating back to the Paleolithic era which confirms that the hills were inhabitated by Ligurian tribes coming from the mouth of the Rodano.

One of the first roads was built during the Roman period which connected all the villages along the coast, it was called Via Julia Augusto, today known as the Via Aurelia.

It was then a succession of raids which spoiled this land, the Longobards, Saracens, the Franchish Napoleon Bonaparte, Genova, the Reign of Sardinia until it finally became part of Italy.

In the early 1900s building flourished but then was interrupted by the wars. Many young men from Bogliasco fought as soldiers and as partisans.

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