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The Territory of Moneglia:

The small town of Moneglia has 2861 inhabitants and is about 30kms from La Spezia.It is situated in a bay between two capes both rich in mediteranean vegetation and pine trees. To the west is Cape Punta Moneglia and to the east is Cape Punta Rospo. The territory is crossed by two streams, San Lorenzo and Bisagno. It comprises 11 hamlets covering a surface of 15,61kms. Moneglia enjoys a typical mediteranean climate.

In June 2008 it was awarded the Green Key for its eco-friendly environment ,in 2012 it was added to the list of the most beautiful villages of Italy and since 1990 has held the Blue Flag for its beaches.

As one would imagine tourism plays an important part in the economy of Moneglia with its beaches and multiple attractions.

Cultural Moneglia:

There are many noteworthy churches and religious buildings like:

The church of San Giorgio built by the Benedictine monks in 1396 and rebuit on the original church in 1726.

The oratory of the Disciplinanti, in Baroque style, the church of Saturnino and the parish church of Santa Maria Assunta.

The Fortezza and the Tower of Villafranca, erected as a defense and watch tower by the Republic of Genova around 1130have recently been secured by the municipality so it is now possible to visit the adjacent park.

Gastronomy in Moneglia:

Definitely part of the land and the culture of Moneglia is olive oil which got its rightful DOP title some years ago. It goes well with fish and mediteranean diet dishes. There are also vineyards, particularly on the hills between Saturnino and Lemeglio from where the white wine “Bianco di Moneglia” comes.

Sport and Escursions inMoneglia:

Football, volleyball, rowing, cycling/MTB, scuba diving, game fishing, boules are all sports and activities one can do in Moneglia.

Itineraries in Moneglia:

For those who love trekking, walking or cycling here are some suggested itineraries:

Here is a more detailed site with maps and links:

The wild nature of the cape that seperates Moneglia from Riva Trigoso, a district of SestriLevante, is one of the favourite places for those keen on climbing. The Falesia of Onegliarises 90 metres high.

The seabeds offer many attractions for scuba-divers in particular along the rocky coast.

During the summer season there is a boat service for tourists which leaves daily from the pier for Portofino, San Fruttoso di Camogli, Porto Venere and the Cinque Terre.

Events in Moneglia:

  • "DoppioGiallo" is an event dedicated to detective novels and thrillers; it takes place every year for one week in July with the attendance of writers and criminologists.
  • “Carnevaledellazucca”,(The pumpkin carnival) a parade of floats which takes place in February.
  • The Olive Oil Feastday, it takes place on Easter Monday.
  • Feast day of Santa Croce , takes place in the parish of the same name.
  • The Moneglia Craft Exhibition
  • The Crib Exhibition
  • Hotel Mondial Moneglia
    Hotel Mondial Moneglia


    L'hotel mondial si trova salla collina a ridosso della baia denominata "La Secca" la struttura dispone di camere e monolocali con uso cucina

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