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Hotel in Pieve Ligure

Pieve Ligure

Territory of Pieve Ligure:

Pieve Ligure is near Genova and is built on ancient roads and mule tracks extending along the foothills of Mount Santa Croce (518 a.s.l.), with olive trees, pine trees and mimosa trees.

The territory is impressively steep with a very short distance between the the lowest sea level and the peak of Mount Santa Croce which is 518 metres high. The most dominating element along the coast is the rock where, in the past, many fishermen built there docking places.

Pieve Ligure was part of the Fontanabuona Alpine Community Association until 1January 2009

The sea environment stands out with its vast stretch of ocean poseidon and diverse variety of rare and important fish.

Sports in Pieve Ligure:

The municipality sports centre called "La Castella" is located about 200 metres from the town centre and it includes a football ground, two tennis courts and a gym with changing rooms.

Itineraries and Excursions in Pieve Ligure:

There are many suggested itineraries in the territory, the most renowned being that from the town piazza which leads to the peak of Mount Santa Croce and takes about 40 mins to get to the top.

There are other shorter itineraries which lead to the nearby villages of San Bernardo or Bogliasco or to Mount Fasce and then on to where the thousand year old church of Santa Croce is, on the top of the mount of the same name.

Other interesting itineraries are; the trail which leads to piazza San Michele in Teriasca, it takes about 90 mins , the paths along the eastern part of the territory along the via Chiossa and the western paths, in particular that which is the continuation of the ancient road of San Bernardo.

Noteworthy is the itinerary along the ancient Via alla Chiesa.

Events in Pieve Ligure:

  • Festival of the Mimosa, every second weekend of February with a competitive float parade.
  • "Pieve Classica", An international festival of classical music.
  • A bi-weekly festival of "Commedie dialettali" plays in genovese dialect, in June, either in the town piazza or in the parish hall.
  • In July the "Itto Castagnini" football tournament with teams sponsered by the local shopkeepers and publicans.
  • Also in July there are some "Serate Jazz"(Jazz evenings)
  • In August there is the "Festa del Mare" (Sea Festival) with water sports competitions.
  • Also in August is the Paella and Sangria Festival with food stands.
  • Another important event is the Feastday of the Madonna della Guardia. Celebrated between the 31 August and the 1 September with music, dancing, and a raffle.
  • Finally, on 29 September is the feastday of San Michele Arcangelo, with an appropriate religious celebration.
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