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Territory of Sant'Olcese:

Along the Sardorella stream ,north of Genova, is the mosaic of the diverse hamlets and tenements of Arvigo, Casanova, Comago, Manesseno, Piccarello, Sant'Olcese, Torrazza, Trensasco e Vicomorasso measuring a total of 21.09 km2.

The territory of San'Olcese includes the Sardorella Valley in Upper Polcevera where the main villages are, and Rio Comago Valley.

The most populated villages are in lower Sardorella valley; in particular Manesseno for its nearness to Genova and also because of its remarkable urban development ,both residential and industrial,which came about in 1900.

Museums and Culture of Sant'Olcese:

The Villa Serra Park, created in the mid 1800s in English style, hosts a wide variety of flowers and plants and also some beautiful animals including peacocks. Through the years oak trees, sycamores, cypresses, cedars and many others were added.

The Marquis Orso Serra lived in this Villa which overlooks the park; its pink colour and majestic dimension are in perfect harmony with its surroundings. Visit the following site for more detailed information:

The " Flavio Roma" of sculpture, inaugurated in 2008, has 40 works of art chosen between 1968 and 2007. For further information visit the following site:

Sports in Sant'Olcese:

There are numerous sport options and ,besides the most common, there is in particular Judo, Gymnastics and Kickboxing.

Excursions in Sant'olcese:

Besides the places of culture there are excursions in the surrounding mountains . For detailed information visit the following site:

Events and Music Festivals in Sant'Olcese:

SantoRockFest, is a music festival which has been taking place since 2005 in the fascinating background of Villa Serra of Comago. The Villa Serra Group make an equipped stage available for more than 20 bands both emerging and professional of national and international levels. The festival lasts three evenings.

  • The patron saint feastday of San Giovanni Battista, 24 June in the chief town.
  • "Sagra della Lumaca",(Feast of Snails) on Sant'Alberto day the second Sunday of July.
  • "Sagra della mostardella" (a typical ligurian cold cut) in Vicomorasso, in April.
  • "La calza più lunga del mondo"(The longest stocking in the world) on the day of the Epiphany (January 6) a recent tradition where an enormous stocking is hung from the Sant'Olcese parish church belfry.
  • The feast of "fave e salame"(broad beans and salami) in Sant'Olcese, 25 April
  • The "Sagra della ciliegia"(cherry feast) in Sant'Olcese, 2 June
  • The non-competive race "Vai come vuoi", in May
  • "Ferragosto con gli amici"(August Bank holiday with friends) in Comago 15August.


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