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A fee of the marquises of Invrea, it is known for having been the place of bloody battles between the marquises of Monferrato and Genoa for exploitation of the much appreciated timber of the area. An agricultural and holiday place on the northern side of the Ligurian Apennine, it is in the upper valley of the Erro stream. The old village rotates around the Marquis’s Palace. The complex also includes the San Lorenzo parish church, the Madonna del Carmine church, built on the Giovo hill road in 1683 following the finding of a statue of the Madonna among the ruins of Castel Delfino, and a medieval castle of which a few ruins remain. Surrounded by woods, a stone’s throw from Monte Beigua, and crossed by the High Road of the Monti Liguri, it contains numerous paths that cross woods, go along clear streams and lead into green meadows, most of which you can also cross on a mountain bike or on a horse. At Pontivrea, a “Town of Music”, during the year numerous musical events take place.

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