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Celle Ligure

Celle Ligure is a charming village that owes its name to the so-called “cellae”, huts and stores for boats and fishing utensils. In the heart of the historical area along the “carruggi” there are houses and other buildings of remarkable historical-artistic merit. Mention must be made of the Nostra Signora della Consolazione church, founded in 1468, and the medieval San Michele Arcangelo church. Behind the inhabited area, today divided into the two main nucleuses of Piani to the east and the historic area to the west, there is the splendid Crocetta walk. In the Piani area on the façade of the Assunta church, you can admire a high-relief in terracotta of St. Michael and the dragon by Lucio Fontana. Many events are organized during the year, among them the Arcobaleno Meeting, an international event of light athletics, and Navicelle, a festival of shows for children. Also of particular interest is the Mand’ommu show, dedicated to Ligurian handicraft. Celle Ligure also has a great cycling tradition, as it was the birthplace of the great cyclist Giuseppe “Gepin” Olmo, the founder of the Olmo bicycle factory, an internationally recognized trademark. In the hinterland there are numerous cycling itineraries allowing those who love cycling to pedal on soft slopes among olive-groves and vineyards.

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