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Hotel in Piana Crixia

Piana Crixia

On the northern slope of the Apennine Ligurian, in the Bormida di Spigno valley, we find Piana Crixia, a small medieval valley made up of little hamlets, which takes its name from an ancient Roman citadel founded along the route of the consular Via Aemilia Scauri. The natural environment, typical of the Langhe, is characterized by interesting forms of erosion like the vast area with chines. Near the village in an area made into a naturalistic and geological park, for about 15 metres there rises the famous Mushroom, a rock formation consisting in an ophiolitic rock 4 metres in diameter resting on a conglomerate highly corroded schistose boulder that constitutes its “stem.” The Piana Crixia Regional Natural Park is a paradise for geologists and naturalists but also for lovers of excursions.

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