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Cengio, situated on the border between Piedmont and Liguria, perhaps owes its name to the cengie (ledges), rock spurs that characterize its geologic conformation. Formed by different nucleuses scattered around in the territory, it was in the Marca Aleramica, but then became a possession of Bonifacio Del Vasto and in the 12th century went to the Del Carretto family, who built a big castle there, destroyed by the Spanish in the seventeenth century. Under the ruins of the castle there are some fortifications, hewn out of the rock, with a wall in masonry and loopholes. A characteristic feature is that of the old houses in the original nucleus, set atop a rocky hill. It is worth making a visit to the old parish church of Cengio Alto, dedicated to the Virgin Mary and dating from the 17th century. Around the village there are a lot of green areas, among which there stands out the “Rio Parasacco” naturalistic area where, amidst luxuriant nature and a stream rich in fish fauna, there is a picnic area and a life itinerary. There are numerous events during the year, among which “Zucca in Piazza” (Pumpkin in the Piazza) in the hamlet of Rocchetta in the month of October.

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