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Hotel in La Spezia - 5 Terre - Gulf of Poets

La Spezia  - 5 Terre - Gulf of Poets

Everyone has an image of this part of the coast: vineyards that cover the hills like patchwork, the clean, deep sea that reflects them. Here, prestigious grapes are grown in small areas of ground closed inside typical terracing that bridles the side of the mountain, and it is also here that the famous sweet wine Sciacchetrà with its golden amber colour and soft, velvety flavour with hints of honey and almond is produced.

Five miles of inaccessible small roads and vertiginous cliffs, where the wild and incredibly beautiful villages of Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore nestle, guardians of a territory that was declared a National Park (the only one in Liguria), and is included in the Unesco World Heritage list. These villages seem to be fragile when nature lets loose water that makes the mountain slide, but their 5,000 inhabitants all share the same strong spirit.

Only some stretches of the rough landscape in the Cinque Terre have been domesticated by man, who managed to work the seemingly dry and unworkable soil. Even today the farmers lower themselves among the rocks using strong ropes to harvest the grapes. Their effort and courage are enjoyed by visitors when tasting the DOC wines that accompany fresh fish and other unforgettable flavours on the table.

The five sea villages that cling to the rocks or face the small bays along the routes immersed in Maquis shrubland can only be described to tourists after having seen them. Behind the villages there are many other places of devotion, one for each town, that can be reached along the via dei Santuari.

  • Hotel Delle Rose
    Hotel Delle Rose

    Bonassola,La Spezia


  • Park Hotel Argento
    Park Hotel Argento

    Levanto,La Spezia

    4 stars Park Hotel Argento is situated in Levanto just a short distance away fro....

  • Hotel Vis à Vis
    Hotel Vis à Vis

    Sestri Levante,Genoa 38.4KM away from La Spezia

    The Hotel Vis à Vi is the perfect location for those who want to discover the m....

  • Hotel Doria
    Hotel Doria

    Lavagna,Genoa 40.7KM away from La Spezia

    Siamo un Hotel 3 stelle situato nel caratteristico borgo di Cavi, a 50 metri dal....

  • Hotel***tirreno

    Lavagna,Genoa 42.3KM away from La Spezia

    Siamo strategici.. tra le Cinque terre e Portofino a due passi dalla spiaggia....

  • Hotel Miramare
    Hotel Miramare

    Lavagna,Genoa 44.0KM away from La Spezia

    L' Hotel Miramare a 3 stelle si trova nel centro storico a 200 metri dal mare

  • Hotel Monte Rosa
    Hotel Monte Rosa

    Chiavari,Genoa 46.3KM away from La Spezia

    L’Hotel Monte Rosa è il “sogno nel cassetto”, il frutto dell’amore e de....

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