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La Spezia - 5 Terre - Golfo dei Poeti

La Spezia - 5 Terre - Golfo dei Poeti

Territory of Tellaro:

Tellaro is a small seaside village sheltered on a cliff and overlooking the Gulf of Spezia. A popular destination for many artists, Italian and non, Tellaro was the residence for many years of Mario Soldato. It is also one of the seaside villages which takes part in the Palio del Golfo (inter-district boat race). ( More Less )

The only road open to vehicles from Lerici to Tellaro is the winding cliff road which goes through Maralunga and Fiascherino. There are footpaths even though some are a little ripid..

The hill above Tellaro is covered entirely by olive groves which yield exquisite olive oil.

Cultural Tellaro:

The church of San Giorgio ,on the seaside ,is surrounded by the typical colourful clustered houses of Liguria. It dates back to the 16th century and preserves some marble from the church of the same name in Barbazzano and a baptismal font in baroque style.

Sports and Excursions in Tellaro:

Tellaro is a place which offers quiet and peaceful holidays but also offers a variety of possibilities for sports lovers like: trekking, mountain-biking, cycling, footing, walking, canoeing, scuba-diving, sailing and swimming.

There are trails and paths for itineraries like: Parco di Montemarcello-Magra, Ameglia, Bocca di Magra, Punta Bianca e Punta Corvo, La Serra, the ancient roman ruins of Barbazzano, Lerici, even as far as Portovenere along the l'Alta via del Golfo.

Visit the following site of Parco di Montemarcello-Magra for more detailed information:

You can go canoeing along the fascinating east coast to: Punta Corvo, Punta Bianca, and as far as Bocca di Magra and logically in any cardinal direction.

Visit the following site for further information on itineraries for excursions and canoeing:

Events in Tellaro:

  • The traditional Natale Subacqueo (Christmas Underwater) 24/25 December has taken place since 1970.
  • Each year ,on 24 December around midnight, a group of divers bring up a small statue of the baby Jesus on a shell which was donated by Pope John Paul II.
  • The Sagra del Polpo (Octopus feast) takes place every second Sunday of August. Taste this exquisite dish prepared using the recipe of the village , served with potatoes and seasoned with garlic, parsley,salt and pepper, olive oil and lemon juice.
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