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Genova - Golfo del Tigullio

Genova - Golfo del Tigullio

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Territory of Zoagli:

Zoagli is a small village framed by the coastal towns , Rapallo and Chiaveri in the Tigullio Gulf, east of Genova. It extends to a total of 7,79 km2. ( More Less )

A well known seaside resort it is famous for its cliff path which goes straight down to the sea. There are also various wood paths and mule tracks which lead to the other districts and hamlets from the centre.

Culture and Entertainment in Zoagli:

The parish church of San Martino. Erected in the XVIII century, situated in the historic centre.

Sant’Ambrogio parish church which offers a splendid view of the Gulf. It was built by the bishops of Milan in the XII century. Inside, apart from the central and side altars, is a statue by Maragliano.

Santuario di Nostra Signora Causa Nostrae Laetitiae(a shrine) – also called La Madonnetta – built during the 19th century and planned byAntonio Canepa along the path between San Pietro di Rovereto e Leivi.

The parish church of San Giovanni Battista, in Semorile, an independent parish since 1619.

Sports in Zoagli:

Excursions and Itineraries in Zoagli:

One of the intineraries retraces the ancient roman road and is called “dei cinque campanili” (of the five belfries ) because it links the old churches of San Pietro di Rovereto, Semorile, San Pantaleo, Sant'Ambrogio and that of San Martino for a total of about 12 kms.

On the following updated site are some suggested itineraries for trekking:

There are also some interesting suggestions on:

Events in Zoagli:

  • June to August is the “Palio Marinaro del Tigullio” a rowing regatta where the towns of Santa Margherita Ligure, San Michele di Pagana, Rapallo, Zoagli, Chiavari, Lavagna and Sestri Levante challenge one another.
  • "Marcia dei Cinque Campanili" ( March of the Five Belfries)in May.
  • The Christmas market on December 8.
  • Feast day of Nostra Signora del Carmine the second Sunday of July in San Pietro di Rovereto and the third Sunday of July in Semorile.
  • Feast day of the Madonna del Mare on August 6
  • Feastday of the Madonna della Salute the second Sunday of August .
  • Feast day of San Rocco August 16
  • Feast of the Madonna del Rosario the first Sunday of October in Zoagli.
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