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Deiva Marina

La Spezia - 5 Terre - Golfo dei Poeti

La Spezia - 5 Terre - Golfo dei Poeti

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Territory of Deiva Marina:

The territory of Deiva Marina, renowned and famous seaside resort is in the valley between the Deiva and Castagnola streams on the eastern Riviera. ( More Less )

The town is divided into two parts, the marine area and the old village. It is made up of the chief town plus the two villages of Piazza and Messema on a surface of 14,09 km2.

Deiva Marina is situated beteen two elevated areas the highest being Monte San Nicola (847 m.a.s.l.) which can easily be seen because of the antennas and transmitting devices.

Sports and Excursions in Deiva Marina:

In the locality of Baracchino there is a path which leads to the top of Mount Pietra di Vasca (801mt) which offers a splendid view right down to the coastline between Sestri Levante e La Spezia and the Apuane Alps as far as Monte Gottero.

These elevated areas allow you to go trekking and to take long walks along the trails which pass through woods and cliff tops.

Events in Deiva Marina:

  • Feast day of patron Sant'Antonio Abate the 17 January.
  • Feast day of San Giovanni Battista the 24 June.
  • Feast day of patron Sant'Anna in the village of Piazza,26July
  • Feast day of Nostra Signora Assunta the 15 August.
  • Feast day of patron San Michele Arcangelo in the village of Mezzema, the 29 September.
  • Feast day of San Bernardo Abate in Mezzema, the 20 August.
  • Feast day of Madonna della Guardia the 22August.
  • Feast day of Nostra Signora del Rosario the 7October.
  • Granfondo of the Cinque Terre and the Riviera of La Spezia the third Sunday of September.
  • Barbè Football Tournament in August.
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