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Hotel in Altare


Situated on the Ligurian Apennine, Altare is a village of medieval origin, for a long time famous for processing of glass. According to some, this art was brought to this area rich in woods, ideal as fuel for the furnaces, by French families in the 11th century, and according to others by Benedictine monks. What is known for certain is that master glassworkers from Orleans and Nevers came to Altare to organize and teach the difficult craft. With the passing of years the families of the place gave life to a guild called “Università Vetraria” that governed the commune until 1823, with its own statutes recognized by the Monferratos in 1512. The tradition was maintained by the Società Vetraria Artistica from 1864 with a kiln for blowing close to the industrial plant. The ability of these artisans specializing in the art of glass reached such levels that the local artists were not only appreciated in Italy but were sent to the most famous European courts. A testimony to the precious past is the Museum of Glass Art, at Villa Rosa. The village still has craft shops that continue the ancient tradition of glass blowing.

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