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This area was already inhabited during the Roman era. In the middle ages it belonged to the Abbey of San Colombano of Bobbio. In the 9th century it passed under the dominion of the Da Passano family. In 1144, it was given to Genoa by the Da Passano family.

The parish church of San Martino dei Muris, located in the hamlet of Costa, has an interesting square based bell tower, which was originally a medieval watch tower. Another ancient tower can be seen in the village of Anzo.

Olive, lemon and fig trees, as well as vineyards can be found in the hills surrounding Framura. Many scenic footpaths, surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, are located in these hills. Framura has a lovely small port, with a tiny Ligurian fishing fleet. A well equipped camp site is located in Fornaci.

Framura is an ideal location for those looking for a tranquil village, with lovely bays, beaches and an uncontaminated environment.

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