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Hotel in Bonassola


Bonassola is a popular, but quiet seaside town, surrounded by green hills and facing the sea. In the last few years it has had considerable tourist development, but it hasn’t lost its typical Ligurian village charm. It is set on a small lovely natural bay. Punta della Madonna, a rocky promontory at the western end of the bay, was named after the 17th century chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary, which can be found there. Punta della Madonna can be reached along a scenic path which offers a beautiful view of the coast.

Several 16th century palaces, “palazzi signorili”, can be admired while walking through the narrow alleys of Bonassola. These “palazzi” are remnants of an era of rich trade. Matteo Vinzoni, a famous cartographer, was born in one of these palaces in 1690.

Bonassola is famous for its seafood and delicious local dishes. These dishes can be tasted in its many restaurants.

Thanks to its mild climate, you can relax on the beach or go hiking in the hills all year round. Bonassola is a hidden paradise.

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