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Dego is an agricultural centre of the northern face of the Appenines of Liguria in the proximity of a vast irrigation plain.

Because of its strategic position, Dego was often the centre of military events. It was a possession of Bonifacio Del Vasto (1091), and passed on to the Del Carretto of Savona (1142), who fortified it and had their own mint before submitting to Genoa. Occupied by the Savoys in the seventeenth century, in 1735 Dego was annexed to the Kingdom of Sardinia; in 1796 it was the scene of a famous battle that saw the Austrian army fighting against the Napoleonic troops. What remains of this past are the ruins of the Del Carretto medieval castle.

Among the religious buildings is the parish church of Sant’Ambrogio erected around 1810 where the original church stood. Local manufacturing activity pivots on the glass industry, an ancient art already present in the Val Bormea in the 13th century.

Among the local products is a particular type of truffle. The town is surrounded by chestnut groves, nut groves and vineyards which yield an excellent Dolcetto wine. “Dego Hill” is an area of great naturalistic interest being a sanctuary which safeguards animal and plant species. There are numerous itineraries to do there.

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