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Hotel in Sestri Levante

Sestri Levante

Territory of Sestri Levante:

Sestri Levante rises on an alluvial plain of the Gromolo stream just before a rocky cape called “l’isola”(the island). Extending towards the sea it is joined to the mainland by a canal and divides the "Baia delle Favole", (fairy-tale bay) the port whose namesake is dedicated to Han Christian Anderson who once stayed there for a short period.

Between the two bays and the canal is the historic centre while the more modern part is on and along the plain between the sea and the hinterland. The municipality territory is made up of the chief town and 32 villages and hamlets measuring in total 33,62km2.

Cultural Sestri Levante:

The Museum of Archeology has been open to the public since 2013, it is located in the Fascie Rossi building in the historic centre.

The mineralogy collection of Villa Tassani holds minerals from the Libiola mines .

There are many large churches built through the centuries like the Basilica di Santa Maria di Nazareth, XVII century or the parish church of Santo Stefano del Ponte , XVIII century.

Sports and Excursions in Sestri Levante:

There are various sports fields and centres like football grounds, tennis courts, volleyball courts; the following link can give you more detailed information:

Here are some suggested trekking itineraries in and around Sestri Levante:

Events in Sestri Levante:

  • Patron saint day of San Nicolò December 6 .
  • The fair of San Giuseppe: in March ,with colourful plant and flower stands.
  • The fair of Santo Stefano: December 26 ,with stands full of typical products of the area.
  • The Feast day of Madonna del Carmine: in July ,with a religious procession celebrating the “Cristo Nero” and the Madonna.
  • In mid-March is the annual Giornata di Studi(Studies Day) founded by Emanuele Narducci.
  • The national netball tournament"Baia Delle Favole" sponsered by UNICEF takes place in April.
  • Every year ,on May 1, is the Blues and Soul Festival with the participation of well- known artists of these genres of music.
  • The National Piano Contest "Johan Sebastian Bach" takes place in the first 2 weeks of May where promising young pianists from all over Italy compete.
  • At the end of May is the Andersen Award, a literary competition dedicated to children’s books, fairy tales from all over the world, even Japan.
  • The inter-district race of Tigullio: Santa Margherita Ligure, San Michele di Pagana, Rapallo Zoagli, Chiavari, Lavagna e Sestri Levante challenge one another in May and August, in a series of rowing races in traditional ligurian skiffs.
  • "Barcarolata" the last Sunday of July, a parade of decorated boats with prizes.
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    Poggio Hotel

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