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Territory of Genova:

Chief town of all of Liguria, Genova has been officialy a big city since January 1 2015, it is about 224 sqkms and extends mostly along the coast surrounded by hills and mountains.

The port is still very much a part of the wealth of Genova where merchant ships and cruise ships dock and are kept under watch by the famous Lanterna (Beacon). Going up the river Stura we can see that the municipality of Genova goes past the Apennines bordering with lower Piedemont.

The coastal area of the city extends to Vesima and Capolungo di Nervia.

Along the hill crest you can see the city walls erected in the 17th century which join on Mount Peralto where Fort Sperone rises.

The two main streams of the city are the Bisagno and the Polcevera and they divide it into five main areas; the City Centre, the Valpocevera, the Valbisagno, the Ponente (west) and the Levante(east).

Museums and Culture in Genova:

The famous Acquarium on the promenade along the port:

The Sant'Agostino Museum :

Mazzini's house with Museum:

The house where Christopher Columbus stayed while in Genova:

The numerous Villas and parks with their statues and fountains:

For further information on museums and places to visit in general visit the following site:

On the following updated site you can find information on exhibitions, excursions and itineraries cultural and non;

Theatres in Genova:

The following site has updated detailed information on theatres in Genova;

Sports in Genova:

Given the mild climate, the vicinity of the sea, the surrounding trees, Genova is the ideal place for activities like canoeing, windsurfing, kayaking and also golf and climbing.

The schools for these various activities are among the oldest and most pretigious.

The coast, the hills and the mountains are areas marked by farmers, and sailors through time. Nowadays they are tracks and trails for itineraries on foot or by bike and well marked by distance or by level of difficulty:

Legend has it that there is even the l'Itinerario Storico Colombiano (historical itinerary of columbus).

For many are those who like to test themselves cycling ,not only in and around the city but also more adventerous itineraries, the following site gives more detailed information on this as well as on sports like archery, golf, fishing, parachuting and the new entertainment of laser-tag!:

Excursions and Itineraries in Genova:

Cultural activities of the city centre, of small historic shops and parks like Mura Park and Forti Park:

There are also numerous itineraries for motorcyclists in the hinterland towards Ovada:

For cyclists amd mountain bikers, up to downhill ,for individuals and organized groups:

Why not do these itineraries like in the old times? Horses are pleasant companions for trekking in the hinterland to discover landscapes and glimpse mountain pastures trotting through the dense woods. Excursions like Bavari to Passo Cento Croci, from Val Bisagno to Antola and others are for people of all ages. For more information visit the following site:

Gastronomy in Genova:

Genova , like the rest of Liguria, has always been the mother of pesto sauce, troffie and the art of gastronomy in general. Good taste and convivality, which can extend to the late afternoon aperitive ,are habits which help keep this city alive in every moment of the day. You can find information on restaurants and traditions on the following site

(Municipality of Genova:

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