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La Spezia - 5 Terre - Golfo dei Poeti

La Spezia - 5 Terre - Golfo dei Poeti

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Territory of Corniglia:

Corniglia is the only one of the Cinque Terre not facing the sea but is perched on the top of a 90 mt high cape. It is surrounded by vineyards on the typical terraced belts. To reach the town you must take the long flight of steps called the Lardarina which is made up of 33 flights and 382 steps linking the road to the railway station. ( More Less )

Cultural Corniglia:

Corniglia and literature: Corniglia, a small town mentioned in a verse of Boccaccio's Decamaron, more precisely, in the story of the misadventures of the Abbot of Cluny.

Sports and Excursions in Corniglia:

As Corniglia is part of the National Park of the Cinque Terre, we include a link to the park site which holds photos immortalizing these stupendous places and numerous suggested itineraries:

Events in Corniglia:

  • The church of San Pietro which every summer hosts the Cinque Terre Organ Festival.
  • Since August 2007 the Aria Festival has taken place in all five towns of the Cinque Terre, it is an international event of street entertainers and is held from 9 to 12.
  • Feastday of patron saint San Pietro, 29 June with a procession from the church to Santa Maria Terrace.
  • As in many towns of Italy, on Good Friday there is a procession following the statue of the dead Christ through the streets.
  • On 8 September, every year ,there is the feastday of the shrine of Corniglia.
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