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The Territory of Levanto:

Levanto is of ancient origin, like most of the villages of the rivieras of Liguria. The people from the coast, the hinterland and the mountains live in harmony side by side , in a mixture of charm and contradiction which affects many aspects of the local life: from art to economy, from architecture to gastronomy. It is situated in a valley overlooking the sea and full of olive groves, grapevines and pine trees. The historic centre preserves the original urban layout, both in the ancient 13th century village and the new renaissance one and holds treasures like the church of Sant’Andrea and the Augustinian convent. The renowned climate of the Riviera never fails: Levanto is very pleasant in every season. There are many bathers who love swimming ,well into autumn.

The ridges of the valley go right down to the sea ending with the Cape of Mesco. There are numerous hamlets which make up this territory measuring a total of 36,81km2.

Cultural Levanto:

The medieval castle built by the Republic of Genoa became a defense for the town from 1256, it is still perfectly preserved.

The International Festival of Classical Music dedicated to “Caruso dei violincellisti” (Caruso of cellists):

The “Laurafilmfestival” a cinematography review organized by the “Laura Morandi” society , created in late 2004 in collabaration with the municipality of Levanto.

The event takes place in July.

The festival of ''Rassegna Organistica Levantese'' (July-September) to recall the three historic organs present in Levante.

Another musical initiative is the Choir of Levante event, started in 1994, with the participation of choirs from Italy and abroad.

Sports ed Escursions in Levanto:

Levanto is linked to its neighbouring towns Bonassola and Framura thanks to a cycling path which ,up to 1970 , ran along the old Genova-Pisa railway line , it was then moved uphill because of the new tracks.

The ample gulf of Levanto is great for surfing and has hosted many surfing events above all when there are southwest and northwest winds. In recent years prestigious events like Quicksilver Big Wave International in 2000 and 2001 and the Salmon Blue games in 2005. The “Stralevanto” is a race walking competition held on a Sunday in October. The start and finish lines are in Piazza Cavour. On the same day a “mini marcia”, a non competitive 4km running walk, takes place. For more information please visit the following site:

There are numerous suggested excursions by bike and on foot , for more information here is the site:

Events in Levanto:

  • During the Christmas period the town starts preparing its presepe (The Crib) with cribs in The Crib whether they be big or small makes no matter.
  • Feast Day of San Giacomo – Feast Day of the sea, 24-25 July. Usually there is a fair and a show which concludes with a religious procession and a firework display.
  • Feast Day di Nostra Signora della Guardia 29 August with traditional concert with a band. The Sagra of Gattafin(fried lamb stuffed with kale, onion, egg and grana cheese) in June.
  • "Mangialunga", is a Food and Wine tasting walk through the hamlets, once a year in May. Festa della Madonna del Soccorso, 1-2 July, in the village of Fontona.

Street Markets in Levanto:

Daily market

The daily market is in via XXV Aprile on the right hand side.

Products: fruit and vegetables, fish and food in general.

Times: from 8am to 1pm.

Weekly market

The stalls of the weekly market are placed along via XXV Aprile.

Products: clothing, food, seeds, agricultural machinery.

Times: Wednesdays, from 8am to 1pm.

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