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Affiliate Program

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We are not a global showcase, offering everything to everyone. We are content with recommending quality accommodation, that will ensure you have a wonderful experience in one of the most beautiful coasts of the world: the Ligurian Riviera. affiliate program is aimed at websites who are looking to earn commissions from hotel bookings right away, and want to build their site without a development team.

Affiliate partners profit from the highest revenue earning potential in the industry. In combining your quality traffic with our accommodation offer, the best room rates and daily availability, the number of reservations and revenue you can achieve are maximised.

Affiliate partners can review detailed online statistics. Features include visitor numbers, transactions, conversions and commissions. This wealth of information has been used by many of our partners to maximise their revenue stream. We believe that transparency in (financial) results is crucial. By presenting such data in real-time, we aim to inform our affiliate partners in the best and most constructive way possible. Commission

We receive a predefined commission percentage from hotels. Depending on the volume and type of hotels promoted on your website, thereby sharing in our growth.

Commission for stayed bookings Affiliate Partner fee as a 4% of commission

The commission percentage you receive in any current month is based on the Stayed bookings of two months previous, as we need to verify the bookings have been stayed in the month after checkout. Once your commission is adjusted according to the commission structure as shown above, all new bookings in the current month will be rewarded according the new percentage.

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